Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Celebrity Inspired Look

Pigs must be flying cuz im blogging lol
I KNOW i have been out of the loop but havent been in the mood to put on any makeup since its been so freakin hott!
so Miley came out with a new edgier look, cut her some slack she isnt gonna be hannah montana forever you know!
I like her sexier look, its hot!
In her new vid called cant be tamed (or so i think thats what its called lol)
she has this makeup look which makes you think of evil ice queen!
Maybe thats just me but i somewhat recreated the look.

What i used:
FACE: Revlon Photoready Foundation in Golden Beige, MAC Blush in Prim & Proper

EYES: UDPP, NYX ultra pearl mania Pigment in Turquoise Pearl (lid, lower lashline), MAC e/s in Soft Force (Highlight), Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero(smudged on upper and lower lashline), MAC e/s in Carbon (also smudged on upper and lower lashline), Select Lash #s47

LIPS: MAC l/s in Creme Cup, NYX l/g in Whipped



  1. WOW this is amazing!! I like the revlon photoready on you too!

  2. Absolutely stunning! You're gorgeous and I super like the eyemakeup! :D

  3. super gorgeous look hun love the green! ;-)

  4. I love it! The lashes are super sexy....rawr, lol. Hope you're doing well : )

  5. I am diggin the shit out this look!!! its so intense and sexy!! I absolutely love it!!! and those lashes are amazing too! great work chick!!!...P.S thanks for visiting the blog your comment was freaking hilarious!! you sound like me!!..yeah I agree with you on everything! J is a done deal..that nigga is dead and gone :)..death by lameness (not a bus lol)..and to get to the "comfy" stage in a reltionship you now with the bball shorts takes time to get to! you cant just start acting like a bum on a 2nd date!! r u kidding me!! UGH...the one thing I will say is im single..and until im OFFICIALLLY NOT single hen everyone is fair game lol..but pray that I DONT END UP ALONE AND HORNY GUUUURL!! hehehehe

  6. whoa great job!!! gorgeous look and I wonder what camera you use, your pictures are so clear :D

  7. You're gorgeous girlie! you remind me of that Pussycat Doll, Nicole :) great job!

  8. Very pretty... love it a lot ^ ^

  9. Loving this look! Great color!

  10. Your comment on my blog made me laugh..ahhaa love this look, you're really pretty!

  11. This is intense, especially with your dark eye colour!

  12. This look is GORGEOUS. You look fab! <3