Thursday, June 10, 2010

May Favs...IMATS!

Hello lovelies,
ok so hell must be freezing over because 2nd post of the week lol
so this is what i used in may and it isnt much because like i said, too hot to slap any makeup on my mug.

Favs were:

Jan Marini Face Primer- i love using this now since its so hot my makeup doesnt sweat off.
MAC Stack 2 pigments the gold and green- color lovely now for the summer
MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush- when using it how its suppose to be using stippling in ur foundation it gives you a flawless and airbrushed look
MAC creme cup lipstick- the perfect lip!
MAC Light Over Dark Mineralize Blush-LOVE THIS! GREAT BRONZEY LOOK

OH! and also i ordered my IMATS tixs!!!!!
whose going???
let me know would love to meet you ladies/gents



  1. I ordered creme cup and will be getting it today can't wait to try it on :)

  2. I want Creme Cup! It looks so nice on you : ) I will be @ IMATS on Saturday, so I hope to see you there!!

  3. have fun at imats! it was lots of fun! met up w/a couple of beauty bloggers. im just not sure if im going this year. i want to though.