Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hello lovelies
omg its been a while it seriously took me 3 days to catch up on all this reading cuz you guys blog a lot lol
i know the last time i was on here i said i was back, boy did that look like a lie
after that i was called in for a interview for a nursing job
and well i got it!
Now that may sound exciting to some, but to me i was so unprepared, i wasnt ready yet
i didnt feel like working there you could say
i have been freaking out cuz its so hard there its ridiculous!
but anyways im trying to stay positive and just deal with one thing at a time.
Now i have hauled a lot but since i didnt take pics and just used up my stuff it wouldnt be right to even blog about it.
Let me just say creme cup by mac is a dupe for born with it, except born with it has more shimmer to it.
Idk if im gonna go crazy when Mac to the beach collection comes out. I like the packaging but nothing really screams out at me just saying, at first it did now not so much
I see a lot of you have a project 365 well to keep up with this im going to start it too so at least i get use of my cam since i hardly been using it.
Also i have hit 300 + followers so im gonna be hosting a giveaway but i want to make it fun so
i will let you guys know
well loves i hope you guys have a wonderful day


  1. congrats on the job and on hitting 300!

  2. hey congrats on the nursing job ! that's really exciting news ! if i were you, i'd be jumping ! im trying to get into the nursing program after being out of university for 2 years and trying to get my life back on track. tell me how the job goes ! :) take care

  3. Nice blog hun!

    *New Follower*

    Please be sure to check out my blog dolls!

  4. Congrats on the nursing job and followers :) My best friend actually just got a nursing degree and it does seem like a really demanding career! Good luck!

    Thanks for following!