Thursday, April 29, 2010

NOTD: Lively Lilac

Hello Bellas,
today i come at you with a nail of the day, this is my ultimate fav nail color its super cute for the spring. Its Sally Hansen insta-dry nail color in you guessed it lively lilac. It a gorgeous pastel looking color, i think it might even be a dupe for China Glaze Spontaneous but a little softer if that makes any sense lol.

Im really loving this formula, its not super runny, the brush provides a good amount of product with one coat its perfect, and the fact that i dont have to wait forever not touching anything so that it dries is super. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in other colors of course =]
I got this at walmart for about $4 i think its definitely worth it.

I dont know about you guys but i have been seeing a lot of lilacs/lavenders may i say this might be a popular color this season.



  1. I am now seriously in love with this colour *____*

  2. I have this and love it. I love this Insta-Dri from Sally, the brush is amazing!!!

  3. Hi girl love you blog, Just FYI I nominated you for an award!!!

  4. Wooow stunning colour! It's difficult to find Sally Hansen here but not impossible, I'll be on the lookout!

  5. I have a couple from this line and I love it!! sometimes if I have to go out and I have little time to get ready, I'll throw on one layer in a snap!

  6. I used this, and I had a problem with it peeling off quickly. Well, I also tend to not be too careful with my nails anyway... :) Love this color!

  7. This is my favorite polish right now! :)