Monday, April 12, 2010


Hey bellas,

So i have been wanting to post makeup pics but since i went on a trip and got super tanned, im really dark, so my makeup is too light and i look ridiculous!!!!

Ugh! its really upsetting, cuz im kind of tight with money right now, so i cant go buy me a new foundation to match my tanned skinned, and the one dark foundie i do have is still to light. Yes i did get that dark lol

So im kind of annoyed, but i did wear some msf since its dark. Anyways, for now i must stick to reviews till i get funds to buy a foundation dark enough lol this is too funny.

Miss you all!


  1. Maybe you can do some eye looks until you find a foundation.

  2. hahaa that is frustrating...i always have a winter & summer shade

  3. lmao..girl you are so cute!!! you must have gotten really dark!! I usually have a summer/spring foundation and then I have a winter cold foundation...but then again I can aways play with my makeup kit to mix up some colors :) should try the revlon colorstat its only 10 bucks aNd works amazing!!! :) oh and p.s...thanks for the compliment girl...I actually have been getting alot of compliments on the thicker brows..I will def keep em :)