Monday, April 5, 2010

MIA so long...update!

Hello my lovelies,
WOW, it has been forever since i have posted anything or even looked at my blog.
When i said i was coming back i guess i wasnt ready, too much crap and life happening was too hard to deal with. Blogging just didnt seem right.

Anyways, well life happens and i have done lots since my absence...

I went to Hawaii, Kaua'i to be exact and wow what an amazing island, i seriously didnt want to come back. No offense to anyone but dang they dgaf about anything materialistic like we do, they arent vain, cady, etc. They were all just happy being who they were, no one to judge...or at least that how i felt. Coming back here to Cali i feel the temptation of the things "we" call happiness. I f**** hate it! Seriously i do. I lived with no makeup and just some tanks, bikini, shorts, and flip flops. I was seriously born to be a beach bum. lol enough of my pathetic rant.

The island was simply gorgeous and i was with good company,

let me tell you i came back a hefer lol i ate like no other, dang the Luau was the shizzle, Open bar was the bombay! lol and relaxing and tanning was not bad at all either. =]

I brought back a lil bit of Hawaii with me and my goal is to save enough money to move out there. Im tired of the fast life. So i packed a grip of makeup which i didnt use it was humid making my freaking mascara run ugh .

But im back i apologize once again for my absence i hauled a lot but dont plan on showing pics of my crap...i hope to post a look tomorrow but till then have a great day. Btw anyone in cali feel the quake??

Shoot it was hilarious, i thought i was feeling woozie, like i was gonna faint then my peeps were like dude its an earthquake, i was like ooooooh! thats why i feel like crap...=]



  1. lol that was my first here in cali! It feels too weird, i went into a panic attack lol

  2. Glad you're back!

    I've never felt a quake, I guess that's my fear of moving to Cali (it's always a thought)

  3. After reading your post,i feel very much excited to visit this.Don't worry.I am catching it so soon...

  4. I felt exactly the same way when I visited Samoa for a family reunion. Everybody there is so poor (unemployment rate is like 85%) but they're all so happy and so nice, and so thankful for what they do have.