Friday, March 5, 2010

Up and Runnning

mySkin code (lovelymakeup) is now finally working thanks girls for letting me know.

I really hope the rest of you go and check it out...

now for an award

I was given this award by Lorraine

1. Post the logo on your Blog
2. Pass it to 12 bloggers that inspire you!
3. Link the bloggers and let them know!!

(In no particular order...Lorraine you inspire me too i can relate to you so much thanks for the award)
1. Katrina
2. Sylvia
3. Nikki
4. Zara
5. Rach
6. Rachel
7. Celia
8. Jangsara
9. Leina
10. Mel
11. Fifi
12. Stephie


  1. You deserve it :) I've been good just taking each day as it comes ha I'm probably going to be there around the end of this month :) And for now, we're staying at one of timmy's uncle house in ranch cucamonga til we get a spot of our own :)

  2. O! I would love to go to something like that :) Hey, i signed up for the mySkin thing I was wondering how do you get your blog up so other people can search your blog? I found yours and added to my favorite blogs and I want to add mine too but idk how to do that?

  3. I know! hopefully! That would be fun :) awh schucks! well that's great for you! you got hooked up lol :)

  4. awww u r too sweet (blushing)!!! i dont think no one had ever told me that i inspire them! thank u soo much! i appreciate it!! i really needed this! =)

    xoxo and spanks*
    katrina m

  5. Hey i also sent you this award, i love your blog!

    check me out :)

  6. Awww... thank you so much for the award, Eve! you're too sweet <33333 I'm glad I inspire you in some way. That really touches me! thank you so muuuch!


  7. Congrats on the award love(:

  8. thank u my lovely means a lot :) xxx

  9. HA! you are one bad betch mama!!! They say the same think about sorrry if MY DICK is bigger then yours!!!! lmao...Proactive actually hasnt dried me out, it seems to work for me but then again its like that skin ID not everyone has the same skin so it wont work for everyone and they mama :) As far as applying he HD foundation I wouldnt use a kabuki brush for it just because the powder is just for setting it, you dont need alot and you dont need to use that type of brush (thats more used for setting powder/foundation). try it with a powder brush or a soft "big" bristle brush, see how you like it :)!

  10. Congrats on the award girl, well deserved!
    You definitely need to pick up So Sweet, So Easy if you can get your hands on it! I love it :)

  11. hey guess what i just gave you another award. check me out!

  12. thanks for the award, love! congrats on yours.

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  14. Thank you very much lovely! :) xx

  15. Thank you for the award! :D

  16. Congrats babe and thank you for the award. I could always use some more sunshine in my life! ;)