Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hello beauty bloggers, so lately there’s been a lot of fuss about us and our “cred” shall I say. There was all this talk about how beauty bloggers shouldn’t be considered press and what not. Well ladies and gents, I feel that we are press, everyone is. If you have your own take on something, well why cant it be taken seriously. These so called certified people are regulars like you and I, yes they went to school, but they are judging and reviewing products based on what works for them as well. Well I thought that’s what we were doing???

Anyways enough about that business, there are many sites out there like MakeupAlley and Spektra which I love because you can look up products you have been lemming and find out there reviews from people who have tried them. These sites are very helpful, they help me decide whether or not to purchase an item. Im not saying that just because an item got a low rating on these sites I wont go and purchase them, Im just taking their advice into consideration.

Well there’s a new site now, that well, Im in love with. Its mySkin, this website is a place where it asks you several questions based on your skin, hair, and life to determine what is best suited for you. Your profile shows the products that you are or were using in the past, when it comes to skincare of course. It finds all the ingredients you use on a daily basis and gives you recommendations on what products you should try, and what people like us are loving right now.
You will find the price tags on these items and what they cost you when you use them daily which I find very interesting. Gives me an idea of how much I spend on skin care. Another great thing about mySkin is that there are no advertisements for products that will try to lure you in to buy. I like having the liberty to browse around and search for stuff without having the pressure of a high end brand being at the top of the list because they purchase there spot up there.
They have over 80,000 products listed in their database so even some of that mom and pop shop stuff show up on there. Exciting! There is also a forum so you can connect with others and ask questions about certain items, or anything skin care related.

Well that’s a lot of information for you, isn’t it? Well mySkin is invite only because it hasnt officially launched yet. But the lovely people there provided me with a special code so my readers can go ahead and check it out. Just enter lovelymakeup in the invite code section and whoala!

Let me know what you think about this site!



  1. i tried to enter your invite code but it didn't work? :( ! xox

  2. Thank you for the info about this site, i'll have to look it up!

  3. mySkin sounds awesome, thanks for the invite code! Unfortunately, that code doesn't seem to be working for me :(

  4. Hey girl just to let you know, I awarded you a blog award check it out on my page :) I'll definitely check out this website, sounds great!

  5. I'll def have to check out this site, I have such problem skin D:

  6. that seems awesome but for some reason I could hop on it.hmmmm.. I used to use clean and clear face wash but found that PROACTIVE works pretty well but IN NO WAY does it work as well as they show it on TV!! red spots fade away MY ASS!! but ever since I started using it I break out less...thanks for commenting the blog babe, I hate it when boys are overly immature, i mean really! I have bigger balls then HIM lol and that is not a good thing! I feel like it makes them just girly and gay you know and I for one wants me a MAN ;) heeeeeey. and in answer to your question MAC's setting powder can be used in different ways
    a. you can place it underneath the eye (with a med size fluff brush) right before you do your eyeshadow and this will catch all the "fall out" of your shadows, then when you are done gettin your eye makeup did you just sweep it off wih the same brush and TADA a clean look and no having to retouch it!
    b. I also use when I use foundation, some foundations tend to make me look "oily" or "shiny" due to the ingredients in the formula of the product, so if I want a more MATTE look without lookin like I caked on the powder, I use the setting powder. This settles and calms the look for a more "airbrushed" look.
    c. you can also take this laong with you with a face brush for touch ups throughout the day if you get oily, instead of adding more POWDER OR foundation...Hope that helps hun! thanks for reading!

  7. Wow this website sounds great! I will def. be checking it out! :D Thanks!

  8. Ooh I've only heard of makeupalley and specktra, but not myskin, so I should totally check it out!