Wednesday, March 3, 2010

February Favourites!

Last Month i used these items non stop:

  1. Sample size Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Doug- this is such a cute color, i wear it even when i dont wear makeup. The only thing about this is the scent...i asked several of my friends to identify the scent and everyone agreed it smelled like waffles and syrup lol i kind of dont like that.
  2. MAC Lavendar Wind Lipglass- this is such a sheer gloss but if applied over certain lipsticks you can definitely notice the purple in it, its so pretty.
  3. Lancom Definicil High Def Mascara- this is sample that came with some stuff my mom bought and i love it, makes my lashes super thick and thats what i look for in a mascara.
  4. NYX Jumbo Pencil in Iced Mocha-Love this color, i like using this as a liner on my waterline, or as a base when doing neutrals.
  5. MAC Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach- This is my HG blush, i mean it when i say EVERYONE should have this blush in their collection im not joking, it compliments all skin colors.
  6. Revlon PhotoReady Foundation- this is also my HG foundation, it glides on so easily and it makes my face look wonderful lol if you havent tried it you must.
  7. MAC Crushed Metal Pigments Stack 2- These are gorgeous colors, they are very neutral which i can used with pretty much any shadow i want, i have been reaching for these often.
Well thats it for my favs, what are yours??



  1. The NYX pencil is gorgeous. Definitely one of my favorites.
    I also love the "French Fries" one. It has that gorgeous bronze color also perfect for neutral looks.

  2. Great favorites! I really am tempted to try the Revlon foundation because everyone has been raving about it! And I really wanted Lavender Wind, but I can't find it anywhere. A lot of the Color Forcast stuff is already sold out. Oh well, I'm sure MAC will come out with something similar again ;)

  3. Im jealous that you got your hands on Ripe Peach :3 it looks soo pretty.

    And I simply adore that NYX jumbo pencil, it's great for a neutral yet smokey eye :)

  4. I really wanted that Blush Ombre in ripe peach but they sold out @ my MAC counter and online :( Lucky you got your hands on it when you did. Lucky you grabbed it when you did.

    It seems ppl love or hate that Photo Ready Foundation