Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Gold and Green eye Tutorial

Hello Bellas,
I come to you today with a tutorial, now i always do my makeup in very poor lighting since when i get out of work its dark already so i have crappy lighting in my room.(im lazy to do it in the morning lol) And of course my camera will make the colors look like crap. Oh well anyways I went to the movies with my girly and we saw When In Rome, it was okay, your typical love story. Now on with the Tutorial....

1st: You want to go ahead and prime your eyes, with any primer, i used my UDPP.

2nd: I took a copper/gold color and place in the inner corner and all the way to the middle of your lid like i did here. The color I used was from the Alice in Wonderland palette in Oraculum (Baked)

3rd: Then i applied a light green to the outer corner of the eye and blended it inward as pictured. The color i used was also from the same palette and it was Absolem (Homegrown)

4th: I took a small amount of a dark brown, the color i used was from the same palette in Mad Hatter (Twice Baked) and applied that to the crease and blended it really good

5th: I used a light cream color like MAC Ricepaper for my highlight with my 224 to smooth out an harsh lines. Then line your eyes add some mascara...




  1. I love that copper color!! Awesome combination, looks great :)

  2. Love the look.. Beautiful.. The color work really well together.. And I so want your brows! Love it!

  3. hey hun, do you mean close up pictures, or the pictures that look sorta faded?

    the close up pictures you focus your lens, which you probably weren't talking about.

    the pics that look faded, i use photoshop lightroom to edit them and the setting in the program is called "old age".

    let me know if you need more.

  4. oohlala, I love it! I must use my green eyeshadows that are just sitting there, lol. Thanks for the tutorial : )

  5. This is so pretty :) I love how the green colour blended out to look like an antique gold