Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Award and Mac event news

Hello Bellas
1st off i want to thank Miss Vendella for nominating for an award thanks girl, i think i have done this one but im so thankful, love you girl!

2nd i want to tell you guys about last night, so i was about 4th in line for the MAC launch party last night with my bestie and we were excited, you see all the other past collections were blah to me, i had it all in dupes already so pffft, but this collection it was just so pretty i was sold by the colors lol i know im dumb cuz $200 later i was like wth did i just do to my wallet...the bestie says "you broke it" lol anyways, it was fun, there was a very cute guy wearing the colors from this collection, and he told me i was naughty lol i think it was the red lipstick i was wearing with the glasses, anyways, i go straight for the purple cuz of course its my fav color, and to my dismay all i bought was the lipglass since i had products in the same colors as the rest of the suff so next!!!! off to the orange? lol and i fell in love with this collection, since i love neutrals and golds, so i bought another lipglass and the blush ombre, trust me, one of the girls was wearing it and it looked fabulous on her, next!!! then i hit the other two and again more lipglasses and more blush ombres, so like i said 2 bills later i was like whoa!
my friend said it was the cocktails that had me wanting more, which was probably true. We enjoyed some hors d' oeuvres, and several cocktails later we were good. The place was packed to the fullest, honestly you couldnt even move in there, it was freakin hot thats why i was drinkin like a fish, then i again i have a drinkin problem lol i kid i kid.
anyways, i didnt buy any of the shadows because like i said i have colors similar to them already, so i passed...but wait!!!!
i really wanted the pigments they were the most amazing texture, the felt very light and creamy the reason why i didnt purchase was because i refuse to spend 300 in one hour!!!
so my bestie is gettin the for me for Valentines day. =]
anyways long story i know, i will post pictures later...i did take them but i got lazy and was tipsy to transfer them to my computer lol will get to it today promise.
but just so you know what i got:
  • Lipglasses: Lavender Wind, Gold Dust, Hush Hush Rose, Ember Glow
  • Blush Ombre: Azalea Blossom, Ripe Peach, Springshine
  • Lipstick: Colour Me Coral or Fresh Salmon or both lol i dont remember

so did anybody want to try any of the stuff from this collection???

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  1. congrats on your award huni & arent you lucky getting to a mac launch party :)