Friday, July 31, 2009

The Ugly Truth

Hey guys, so last night I went out with my friend X-Tina to the movies to go check out The Ugly Truth. First of, I wasn’t to excited to see it, I wasn’t like omg I have to see this movie. We were are actually bored and this horrible SoCal weather its just unbearable. So anyways, we go check it out, and well I have to say I actually really liked it. It was the right amount of corny lol but no really it wasn’t lame. Katherine and Gerard did a pretty good job acting. What I noticed while we were in the theater was that there were a lot of couples there. This seemed more like a chick flick only movie but I guess the whole couples idea works too. Back to the movie, there were some really funny scenes, and some not so funny, but I do give this movie a 2 thumbs up. Now if your some control freak or read relationship books you might get a little offended but come on in all reality this movie makes a good point. Girls just cant handle the ugly truth lol

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  1. I so want to see this!!! I saw "Funny People" last night.